Saturday Sprinkles 02.21.09

Saturday Sprinkles is a weekly highlight of interesting and useful finds:

  • Vimeo featured a gorgeous short love film comprised of 4500+ still images. Very endearing!
  • Some bizarre, but truthful tips on ways to survive a recession with an empty wallet. They discuss diet changes like putting an egg in your ramen and cutting that Caramel Macchiato.
  • Exactitudes (from “exact” and “attitude”) is an interesting photography project which snaps images of individuals in similar poses and dress to observe thier attempts to distinguish themselves from others.
  • Some very interesting tests for different aspects of your mind! There’s a test for reading faces, which, afterward gives you some statistics and information on facial expressions. According to this, sticking your tongue out while concentrating could be an unconscious signal to others to just leave you alone! There’s also one testing your reliability as a witness! How did you do?
  • Stephen Wiltshire from London is an autistic savant who sketched an aerial view of Rome after one helicopter ride. See and read more at his website. Phenomenal.

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