Reviving Your Childhood and Satisfying Your Insatiable Curiosity

At a young age, my parents encouraged my brother and I to explore. I spent my childhood conducting my own experiments outside during summer days in Texas. Even today, at 18, I enjoy lifting up rocks to find a slew of different creatures. (Only now I look them up online if I want to identify them – which I usually do!) I still capture spiders in and around my house, identify them, observe their behaviors, and let them go outside, I pull out earthworms from the dirt and look at them with awe, and I fly paper airplanes and try to create the most efficient one. My brother and I even have fencing matches with the water noodles at the grocery store.

Don’t ever lose this. Now my childhood curiosity blossomed into a strong interest in everything and gave me a strong basis of knowledge. (Plus it was so fun!)

If you’ve never gone outside to play wall ball or TV tag with your siblings, or gotten your feet a little dirty… If you’ve never had water gun battles, or sold lemonade or made paper boats, do it now!

Many of us have forgotten how to do this without guilt or anxiety that, as adults, we must be doing something that is worthwhile. Don’t forget to take some time away from your responsibilities and satisfy your natural human curiosity, and you have kids, share this experience with them!

Some psychotherapists call your inner child the “true self”. Spending some time with this inner child can boost your self-esteem and help you solve deep-rooted problems. Remember: talk with your inner child as if you were its guardian, reassure it, and uncover any internal battles.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!

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  1. >>It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!

    Love that!

    P.S. You are very brave to capture spiders and examine them. That would put me into panic attack mode in like 1.2 seconds.

  2. That picture with the guy and a kid in the mirror is awesome did you take it? I totally agree, I think people take life too seriously.

    Can we exchange blogrolls

    1. Hey gtcngo,

      That picture is really cool, but unfortunately I didn’t take it! It’s neat, huh? And people definitely take life seriously. It’s good to get some fresh air and be a kid again.

      I have no problem exchanging blogrolls. What is your blog?

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