Poetry: Impeccable Arrow

Bursting reveries
wish for your impulsivity
and no promises destitute,
birthing projects missing ends
Exacting words, the only potion
One simple, harmonic motion:
an impeccable arrow in time
aimed and stamped: “future you”,
a message from the past
saying, “I’ll be there”

(Heavily inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s wonderful article on sticking to your word: “The Secret to Success“. A must read!)

A small update…

It’s Friday and the week is over! For me, the days zoomed by and now a little R&R awaits. My family has planned a two-day camping trip at a beautiful lake, and the weatherman says it’s going to be beautiful out there. As there won’t be any posts at Deliciae this weekend, I wanted to leave you with the short, ingenious article linked above.

It’s all about doing what you say you’re going to do, a message my idealistic self should have tattooed on my forehead! I hope you also enjoy my tiny, quickly written poem inspired by said article. (Thanks to Adam Had’em whose poetry inspired me to start posting my own.)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Readers, readers, readers! It’s been a while, but I finally feel I can dedicate more time to Deliciae. My laptop completely fried so unfortunately I’ve lost some content planned for the past month. Also in the past few months, I have taken a vacation to Cleveland (where I saw the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!), visited my family in Kentucky, became a counsel member of a Philanthropy club at my college, and worked hard at my new job.

Now I have a small, but steady income, and I feel comfortable enough to continue growing my blog and maybe getting it hosted on my own server at some point.

In order to do this, however, I’ve gotta continue with my articles, right? That’s why I’m back, and I’ll be delivering to you the same quality articles I’ve been dishing out long ago.

I’m back with a new, refreshed motivation and a huge yearning to write and help so please tune in and look for more and more content coming soon!

While I start this bad boy up again, I’ll leave you with a quote I love from Austrian psychologist Viktor E. Frankl:

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom

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Hiatus Update

Due to some small unforseen events, Deliciae will be on hiatus for a few more days. I apologize for the long wait, but I assure you that I’ll be back and posting regularly as soon as possible.

There have been a few small incidences (that seemingly all came up at once!) and once things have settled down, I’ll be back.

Sorry again, readers! Keep tuning in. Keep smiling.

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Two productivity tools for getting stuff done

I would like to share with you two very useful (and free!) productivity tools that help me to plan and write my posts:

Map your brainstorming session

Remember brainstorming in highschool? Have you ever had to create a “web” of ideas in order to write an essay in school? FreeMind is a mind mapping tool (of the many out there) used to organize your ideas for just about anything. Create one very broad topic and branch off into many subcategories. Dump all of your ideas and knowledge in a mindmap and organize it later! Very useful. Not only do I use it for my more in-depth posts, but I also used to use it for future plans, parties, and more.

Limit distractions

Another tool which is probably more useful than the mind map is the Dark Room. Do you get distracted by all the fancy buttons and features and rulers in Windows Word? Do you get distracted by the internet, check your email, or chat with friends when you have to write that blog post or college essay? The dark room is a very minimal program, both in size and in aesthetics. It is a distraction-free, full-screen writing environment helpful to those who need to get some writing done. Sit down, crack your fingers, open Dark Room and have a productive writing power hour with this amazing and simple program.

You should check these two out or at least similar programs. Tools like these can exponentially increase your productivity in any area of your life.

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